May 1, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 9)


Strong Points: Good organization of information
Weak Points: Yinish/yangish

Someone called me on the carpet awhile back for stating that a site I’d reviewed was simply a bunch of links to other sites. The site designer in question informed me his site was a portal, which, as best as I could determine from his description, was a bunch of links to other sites, as I’d originally stated. I say that because this site, which calls itself a gateway is basically a bunch of links to other sites. I know there’s a more techie definition of gateway, but to the user the site provides a bunch of links. The links range from useful to useless. The Tools link provides a minisequence analysis package spanning a wide range of tools offered at outside sites. The Catalogs site is only great for people looking for catalogs (yawn). Other useful sites include Protocols (not very extensive but noteworthy), Jobs (company and organization specific), and Reference (everything under the sun). The other categories provide links to sites somewhere between yawners and useful.

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