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August 01, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 14)

Science a GoGo

  • Great range of topics, nicely written articles
  • Site is somewhat cluttered with advertisements

With a name like “Science A GoGo,” you know that this site is going to be anything but dry and dull. And you won’t be disappointed. Science A GoGo provides an eclectic mix of science news stories, with titles such as “Virus Improves Solar Cell Efficiency” and “Why are the Happiest Places also Suicide Hotspots?” Articles on the site are organized into 23 categories that are as varied as “animal kingdom,” “climate change,” and “robotics and AI.” The articles are fun, interesting, and easily understood by lay audiences. There are also discussion forums for people who want to converse about general science, “not-quite science,” or even science fiction. Science A GoGo is a nice blend of levity and science news; a website where researchers’ work is described in articles that bear titles such as “Bow to your Insect Overlords!”

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