January 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 2)


Strong Points: Lots of content generated by qualified contributors
Weak Points: None


There is no shortage of interesting science out there, and Science 2.0 gives an opportunity to the people who are actually doing (or following) the work to write about it and discuss it with fellow colleagues and science-lovers. Science 2.0 is a science blogging site and online discussion forum whose diverse contributors include authors, professors, postdocs, and science journalists, among others. Content on the site is organized into six content areas: physical sciences, earth sciences, life sciences, medicine, social sciences, and culture. The homepage provides site visitors with easy access to top articles, new user comments, and a list of science events. Beyond simply reading and commenting on articles, qualified site visitors (established scientists or science journalists/bloggers) can register to become a contributor on the site.

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