June 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 11)


Strong Points: Useful primer info
Weak Points: Some design issues

Another approach to primer design for real-time quantitative PCR can be found at RTPrimerDB, where yet another database aims to provide reliable, validated primer sets for use in the method. It is not completely clear what the difference between this database and the previous one is, though RTPrimerDB appears to have more of an open-source feel to it. Researchers are encouraged to submit their own validated primers/probes for use in the database. Another visible difference is that browsing of primers/sequences is not enabled here. I found that rather annoying, as it required me to have gene ID information to identify primers. A rather simple search engine provides access to the information. Registration is required for full access to perform activities such as submitting sequences. While it doesn’t feel as extensive as the last database, it undoubtedly will have sequences the other does not, so the two will likely complement each other.

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