Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Plenty of practice problem sets, helpful tutorials


Rosalind is a great website for those who are trying to imple­ment computer coding to solve problems in bioinformatics. Users who are completely new to cod­ing can begin at the Python Vil­lage, which walks users through installation of the necessary pack­ages and learning basic syntax. For those who want to jump right into bioinformatics, users can head to the Bioinformatics Stronghold, where us­ers can code solutions to problems themselves, or to the Bioinformatics Armory, which introduces ready-made algorithms and software. Each problem set on the website comes with a detailed description and a dataset to work with, and lets users race against the clock to get the right answer. Additionally, the web­site provides new users with a tour through the site and a glossary of terms that come up in the problem sets. Rosalind is an excellent website for those looking to apply their coding skills to relevant problems in bioinformatics.

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