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RNAseq Analysis in R

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Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Lessons are easy to follow, links are provided to additional resources

Weak Points: None


If you’ve found yourself with a large RNA sequencing dataset and no idea how to analyze it, RNAseq Analysis in R should be one of the first websites you visit. The site provides lessons about each important step in RNAseq analysis, including alignment, pre-processing, and visualization of results. Sample data is provided and each lesson provides an in-depth description of the analysis, complete with example pieces of code. Additionally, challenges are provided throughout the lessons so that users can test their skills. Answers to the challenges are provided so that users can make sure they’re on the right track. There are also lecture slides that go into more detail about the basics of RNA sequencing and the statistics that are used to analyze the data. Additionally, there are links to supplementary materials, such as a crash course in R for users unfamiliar with the language. RNAseq Analysis in R is an excellent resource for researchers getting started with analyzing their RNAseq data.