September 15, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 16)


Strong Points: Great coverage
Weak Points: None

As the number of completely sequenced genomes continues to increase, so does the list of interesting organisms covered. A recent addition to this list is the Rhesus macaque, which is an Old World monkey more distant from humans than chimpanzees or orangutans. Rhesus monkeys are important organisms for studying the neurosciences, behavioral biology, endocrinology, and the cardiovascular system. At the Rhesus macaque Genome Project site, visitors will find links to several useful materials, including a collection of clones, access to sequences, downloadable files of the entire project, links to a fingerprint database, BLAST functions specific to the organism, and even access to the sequencing traces. If there is anything you are looking for with respect to Rhesus macaque genomic sequences, you’ll probably find it in this tidily organized yet functional site.

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