March 1, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 5)


Strong Points: Useful sites, easy access
Weak Points: None

This site looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t find its URL or any name like it in my database. Perhaps they’ve simply used a coloring scheme like another site covered here before, or (more likely) they have bought an old site, renamed it, and given it a new URL. Either way, they have a winner on their hands. With a focus on online research tools useful for molecular biologists, Research Tools is appropriately named and poised to handle a lot of requests. The site is organized in a frame format. The left, top panel provides a table of contents with links that, when clicked, bring up an appropriate set of links in the right panel. Jun Ishikawa, who appears to have put this together (English and Japanese versions), has spent a lot of time picking relevant links for molecular biological researchers. Indeed, I’ve bookmarked it in my browser to allow me easy access to hundreds of useful sites.

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