Strong Points: Very easy to use, easy to export graphs
Weak Points: Limited features and sample numbers in free version


The ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay) is an important component of any molecular biologist’s toolbox, as it allows the researcher to determine whether a particular protein is present in a sample (and how much of it is present). In order to quantify the protein, the researcher must construct a standards curve and then intrapolate his/her data. Enter ReaderFit, a free, online ELISA curve-fitter that is simple to use and quick to produce results. Users need only enter their standards and experimental data into a table, specify the curve-fitting parameters, and presto! A curve is produced, ready to be emailed to yourself or your colleagues. There are drawbacks to this free version, the greatest being that it is limited to only 32 samples. There also aren’t any fancy features other than the curve-fitting options. Of course, the people behind ReaderFit have a solution to overcome these limitations…but it will cost you.