Raspberry Pi

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Website is well organized and includes a large amount of information and documentation

Weak Points: None


Compact, inexpensive computing boards such as Arduinos can transform an experiment from tedious and time-consuming to hands-free and automated. Arduinos are great for simple tasks, but Raspberry Pi processors can take your automation of experiments to another level. Raspberry Pis are microcomputers that provide a high level of computing power at a low cost. The Raspberry Pi website provides information about the different products available and guides users through setting up their own device. Additionally, the website provides an extensive list of projects that users can try with their device and includes tutorials on coding in different languages, such as Python and Scratch. The website also provides a forum for users who have additional questions and an extensive documentation of the product and related code. Raspberry Pi is a powerful and inexpensive computing tool for researchers and is worth checking out.

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