Python for Neuroscience

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Website is interactive and includes quizzes and examples of code.

Weak Points: Some demos are slow to load.

Python is an incredibly useful tool for neuroscience research, but trying to figure out which packages to install and how to use them can be a significant barrier for new users. Python for Neuroscience is a great tool for neuroscientists new to the software, with interactive tutorials that make it easy to get started. The website is divided into seven chapters that cover topics such as Python fundamentals, useful packages to download, and data visualization and analysis techniques. Each chapter is completely interactive and contains numerous quizzes and code examples. In addition to going over the basics, the website also covers critical neuroscience analysis techniques, such as creating a spike-triggered average of neuronal spiking data and performing Fourier analysis on EEG data. Python for Neuroscience is a great tool for neuroscientists who want to use Python with their data but who aren’t sure how to get started.

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