September 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 16)


Strong Points: Easy to use, relevant recommendations
Weak Points: None


With all the things that scientists have to do in a day, it’s difficult to find time to read papers, let alone find the time to find the relevant papers to read. PubChase has a solution to this predicament: let it do the work for you! Through the PubChase website (as well as the accompanying mobile apps), users can search for biomedical literature through PubMed and add individual papers to their personal libraries. Once one’s library is sufficiently populated, PubChase begins to offer personalized recommendations of recent literature, thereby sparing users the effort of trying to keep on top of the pertinent literature on their own. In addition to the personalized recommendations, there are also topic-based recommendations on the website for 24 fields including synthetic biology, genomics, and cancer biology. As an extra plus, users can choose to make their personal libraries public, facilitating the sharing of papers among labmates.

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