May 15, 2005 (Vol. 25, No. 10)


Strong Points: Good organization
Weak Points: Not deep enough

When I see a URL with a FLASH-based graphic on the opening page, I almost always wince, expecting a cheesy and annoying opening cartoon that doesn’t do much more than waste my time. I’m happy to say the NCI Proteomics site actually put FLASH to good use, providing an attractive navigation scheme for visitors to use. Links to the major sections of the site are ready at the click of a button. They include Mass Spectrometry, Protein Chemistry, Protein Expression, Molecular Technology, Image analysis, and Bioinformatics. Most of the material under these links is related to services provided by the laboratory. This is a dandy way to organize information, but I must complain about being a bit dissapointed at the relatively low amount of information/analysis available for scientists. Still, there are a few gems worth at least a quick trip to the site.

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