March 15, 2005 (Vol. 25, No. 6)


Strong Points: Vastness of coverage
Weak Points: Nothing Significant

When it comes to colorful opening pages, there are few sites that will compete with the Systems Biology Database Website. This is a beauty you have got to see to believe. With very high quality, professional graphics, the opening pages dazzle the eyes. Serving as a front-end for numerous Web-based databases, the Systems Biology site (also called Protein Lounge) aims, like increasing numbers of biotechnology groups, at understanding the complexity in biological systems (also called systems biology). Cellular networks, apoptosis, and other mechanisms relating to survival and longevity are the focus of these intriguing sites. At the Systems Biology Database, one finds numerous databases of interest, including the siRNA database, the Peptide Antigen database, and the Signaling Transduction and Metabolic Pathway database. A full description of these is beyond the space bounds of this article, so interested readers are pointed to the URL above.

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