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PROMISCUOUS screenshot

Rating: Good

Strong Points: Easy to search for interactions based on many different parameters

Weak Points: Website seems a little dated and can be slow


Although the name is sure to raise some eyebrows, PROMISCUOUS is actually a great resource for examining drug–protein interactions. Users can search for drugs by name or PubChem ID and find information about the drug’s known targets, synonyms, and side effects. Additionally, users can view any known molecular pathways that the drug is involved in. The website also has an interactive network visualization tool that allows users to add their drugs and proteins of interest. Each item added to the network shows up as a node, so that users can easily visualize the interactions between their molecules of interest and any potential side effects. All of the tools on the website come with a “help” box for users just getting started and there is detailed help page that provides all the information needed for users to get the most out of the website.