Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to search for specific diseases and genes; statistics page gives information about sources.

Weak Points: Unclear how often the database is updated.

Precision medicine holds great promise, with the potential to change how we diagnose, prevent, and treat disease. However, before it becomes the norm, we need massive amounts of data and analysis to determine exactly how individual differences reflect susceptibility to various illnesses. Fortunately, the Precision Medicine Knowledge Base, abbreviated as PreMedKB, provides a stepping stone in that direction. PreMedKB combines data on genes, pharmaceuticals, and diseases from various reputable sources and integrates it all into a visual interface, allowing users to easily view and assess putative relationships between genetics, illnesses, and treatments. Users can also generate word clouds of related terms, import their own data, and export their graphs for viewing later. The website provides information and links to the databases that it uses and has an extensive FAQ page for new users. PreMedKB is a great resource for researchers interested in precision medicine and is well worth checking out.

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