September 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 15)


Strong Points: Nicely maintained site (such as current news), clearly organized
Weak Points: Nothing major


Apiarists will certainly “bee” happy to explore this site! (Sorry, but I just couldn’t pass that pun up…) In actuality, though, the nonprofit Pollinator Partnership does not limit itself to bees, as certain butterflies, birds, and even some mammals act as pollinators. The Pollinator Partnership’s website, therefore, provides resources that relate to all aspects of pollination and all types of pollinators. This includes a collection of links to other related websites, a series of region-specific, pollinator-friendly planting guides, and current pollinator news and events. There is information about various partnership projects, as well as a guide to state-specific “National Pollinator Week” events. If these resources aren’t enticing enough, then perhaps you’ll be interested in the one section of the site that I bet you’ve never before seen online: pollinator ringtones. Now who could pass that up?

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