July 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 13)


Strong Points: Great organization, large number of online resources
Weak Points: None


In this day and age, “green” and “sustainable” go hand in hand. Well, allow me to introduce Plant GDB (which, presumably stands for “genomics database”—the site doesn’t really make this clear). This website is certainly green, and it contains enough information to sustain you for quite some time. One can search all Viridiplantae (that would be “green plants” to the rest of us) sequence data, sorted by species, or one can take advantage of the many genome browsers available through the website. There are currently sequence assemblies for 213 species on the website, as well as a number of special datasets (for such things as alternatively spliced genes and transposon insertion sites). And
I haven’t even gotten to the tools yet! Thirteen online analytic tools round out the final major subdivision of the website, giving visitors plenty to digest.

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