Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes


Strong Points: Organization, breadth of information
Weak Points: None


This cleanly designed, well-organized website through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln just makes me happy. (An odd reaction, perhaps, to a webpage about parasitic worm.) One cannot help but get excited about nematodes—microscopic worms—after reading the various species descriptions and perusing through the scanning electron microscope images.  There are resources that address how to identify nematodes as well as pages organized by habitat. (Have you ever stopped to consider the ways in which nematodes of the tropical rainforest might differ from nematodes of the prairie?) On a lighter note, one of my favorite sections of the site is the “Imaginemas” page, which features “Nematodes from the fertile fields of our imagination.” In total, this website itself is fertile with nematode resources, and its nice organization will make any web-surfer jump with joy.