January 15, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 2)


Strong Points: Clean web design, easy to search
Weak Points: You can’t simply browse the database


While it is great that there are so many resources dedicated to genetics and comparative genomics, it is somewhat odd that relatively little attention has been paid to comparative phenomics. I mean, every researcher who has tried to make a transgenic animal knows that a genetic mutation or variation means nothing if there is no phenotype associated with it. So, enter PhenomicDB, a website looking to remedy the negligence. PhenomicDB is a genotype/phenotype database for seven different species, with an additional eighth grab-bag category labeled “other,” that compiles the data from various single-species databases into one place. The database can be searched by a number of parameters, and the results can be restricted to only genotypes or phenotypes. The website has a clean design and is simple to use (and hey, the logo is really cool!).

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