May 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 9)


Strong Points: Large amount of information
Weak Points: Site design is a bit overwhelming


With our ever-expanding knowledge of genetic variation and the increasingly more affordable genome sequencing methods, there is an emphasis on individualized medicine. That is because it has long been acknowledged that what works for person A doesn’t necessarily do the trick for person B. There is, in fact, an entire field devoted to the study of genetic variation and responses to drugs: pharmacogenetics. While the ambiguous title of this site doesn’t make it obvious (another example of loss of clarity for the sake of dropping a few syllables), this website is an excellent resource for those interested in pharmacogenetics. Data on the site can be accessed in one of five ways: by gene, by variant, by pathway, by drug/small molecule, or by disease. There is far too much information on the site to give an accurate representation of it in a single paragraph, but I can assure you that this PharmacoGenetic Knowledge Base is rock-solid.

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