Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Beautiful user interface; numerous species are available on the site and setting up new analyses is easy.

OrthoVenn2 provides an easy way to examine and compare protein sequences across multiple species, right from the convenience of your web browser. The website allows users to either input their own sequences or choose from dozens of different species spanning across several different kingdoms. Once users choose the species that they want to compare, the website runs and returns its analysis right on the browser. In addition to running their own comparisons, users can also browse through the website’s gallery to see previously run analyses for numerous different species. The website also includes information about its desktop version, which is available for download for users with large datasets who want to run their comparisons locally. There is also an extensive help section for new users, which includes detailed descriptions of the concepts and algorithms employed by the website and examples of different analyses. OrthoVenn2 is easy to use and access, and overall, a great resource for comparing the proteomes of different species.

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