Organelle View


Strong Points: Animations
Weak Points: A bit shallow

For anyone who has ever asked, “Just where was that protein expressed again?” (or, for that matter, “Why aren’t there more colorful cell animations available online?”), Organelle View is for you. Operated by the Kumar lab at the University of Michigan, Organelle View
is a fun, polychromatic map of gene expression in a budding yeast cell for the visually inclined student or researcher. Sadly, the animated figure is only available for budding yeast. As a consolation, though, one can obtain a list of the organelles in which genes are expressed for a number of species in the localization database. While some of the information presented on this site is intended for a younger audience, even a seasoned researcher can appreciate the ease with which gene expression within the cell can be visualized. It’s amazing what a rotating figure and a splash of pigment can do.