Open Neuroscience

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Large collection of links to relevant and recent tools and techniques

Weak Points: Website itself just provides a short description of the project with the external link

Open Neuroscience

Neuroscience is a constantly evolving field, often driven by technological advances in the tools we use to measure and interpret brain activity and behavior. It can be difficult to keep track of every new device and analysis toolkit, which is why Open Neuroscience is such a great resource for neuroscience researchers wanting to stay up-to-date on the state of the field. The website collates open-source tools that have been developed for neuroscience research and collects them by topic onto the website. Each topic, ranging from electrophysiology to bench work to prosthetics, contains links to projects aimed
at expanding on the tools available in that field. The website provides a short description of the project and the tools developed from it, and then provides a link to the project group’s main website, so that you can easily gather information and resources directly from the source. Open Neuroscience is a great tool for browsing through new techniques available to neuroscientists without having to dig through months’ or years’ worth of journal publications.

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