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February 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 4)

  • Good collection of scientific content, contact information for groups
  • Many working groups still lack websites

The question is increasingly relevant today: How can scientists accurately and effectively communicate science to general audiences? NeuWrite is an organization that brings together scientists, writers, filmmakers, and other professionals unlikely to be in the same room together to develop general strategies to address this question. The members of the various working groups of NeuWrite also produce original scientific content that is geared toward non-specialist audiences. On the website, site visitors can access many examples of scientific content that has been generated by members of the Columbia NeuWrite group under the “work” section of the site. Importantly, visitors can also learn about the various working groups. In addition to the original group at Columbia University, NeuWrite groups currently exist in Boston, MA; London, U.K.; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, OR; San Diego and San Francisco, CA. New York University and Stanford University also have their own NeuWrite outposts.

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