Neuromatch Academy

Neuromatch Academy

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Full course materials, including lecture videos and project instructions, are freely available

Weak Points: Nothing major

In response to the pandemic, a group of scientists got together and created Neuromatch Academy, an intensive, totally online summer course designed to teach computational neuroscience. The course is based in the Python programming language, and covers all the essential topics in computational neuroscience, ranging from linear systems and model building to more real-world examples like decision making and optimal control in motor systems. If you’re interested in learning more, the course will be run again this summer and is open for students and observers alike. If you’re itching to start learning about computational neuroscience in the meantime, you can check out all of the course materials, including lecture videos and project information, right on the website. Neuromatch Academy is an excellent course for neuroscientists wanting to learn more about the computational methods used in the field, and the wealth of materials already on their website is well worth checking out.

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