Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Website is open source so users can download datasets, coding notebooks, and publications.

“Big data” is a big buzzword these days, but it has some very cool applications in neuroscience research that are being uncovered by groups such as the team behind NeuroData. NeuroData is a fascinating website for anyone interested in nervous system connectomes and potential applications of big data in neuroscience. The site details several projects that the group is working on, including an open connectome project built on experimental work done in several species and a zebrome that aims to create an atlas of neural circuits in adult and larval zebrafish. The site is entirely open source, so users can download datasets, numerous coding notebooks to help with analysis, and prints of relevant publications. Additionally, the website provides a calendar of upcoming events and workshops, plus a blog with helpful tips for analyzing the data and implementing the code found on the site.

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