February 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 4)


Strong Points: Interesting topics, well-written articles
Weak Points: Some articles are fairly short, limited free access


Nautilus is not your typical science publication. Delivering “big picture” science via narrative storytelling, Nautilus digs into a single theme each month. Four chapters of content (one published each week) highlight the given theme from multiple perspectives. These themes are often vaguely defined (or intriguing, to say the least), and include “fakes,” “boundaries,” and “noise.” Even within these themes, the material takes readers on unexpected journeys. (For example, the theme of “noise” doesn’t immediately elicit thoughts of perfume, earthquakes, or nature photographs.) Non-subscribers can read seven articles for free each month, and the website’s blog and news feed are completely free. (For a small monthly fee, users can become Prime members and receive unlimited access to content.) Site visitors can whet their appetites for knowledge by browsing the content either by issue or by topic.

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