January 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 1)


Strong Points: Nice site design, includes lots of information
Weak Points: None


Yes, it’s true—there is much more to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s website than the “don’t do drugs” pamphlets we all remember from middle school. In fact, there is a wealth of information on this site for researchers, from information about applying for funding, to information about clinical trials, to datasets for analysis. The list goes on and on. Likewise, medical and health professionals will find a list of resources tailored to their practices and their patients in a separate section of the website. One useful feature of the website for visitors with specific interests is the “drugs of abuse and related topics” tab, which allows one to browse all of the information on the site relevant to a particular drug. There is plenty to read and plenty to learn on this website that goes far beyond the common sense antidrug sentiments with which we are all familiar.

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