August 1, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 14)


Strong Points: Medically relevant site
Weak Points: Could be a bit better organized

I’ve reviewed so many mycology-related sites that I’ve lost track of the count but I don’t recall covering one from down under before. Fungi are everywhere and though other sites tend to focus on mushrooms, this one’s main interest is medical mycology. One caution to readers before diving in—some of the images show fungal infections of people that are not for the squeamish. Hosted at the University of Adelaide, the medical focus of Mycology Online is a welcome addition to the numerous health-related sites on the web. Information is nicely hierarchically organized within each of the main topic areas, though these overlap. In addition, the opening page could use both a bit of sprucing up and collection of the topic areas into one big grouping. Those are relatively minor gripes, though, as there is a lot of useful medical information to be had here, with pictures helping in identification.

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