February 15, 2013 (Vol. 33, No. 4)


Strong Points: Comprehensive career resource, from surveys to career-related materials
Weak Points: None


When applying to science graduate programs, applicants are inevitably asked, “So, what are your career plans?” Of course, we all know the most common answer: “Why, I want to go on to become a professor!” The truth is, however, that there exist many career options for people holding Ph.D.s in science. The My IDP (for “Individual Development Plan”) tool available through Science Careers is an excellent way to explore one’s own interests and abilities in order to find the most suitable career options. The tool is easy to use and requires only a short registration step. Once one logs in, there are tabs labeled Assessment (surveys to assess one’s skills, interests, and values) and Career Exploration (resources to learn about various careers), as well as sections focused on setting goals and implementing a plan. This is a great site to visit, regardless of if you think you know what you want from your career or not.

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