December 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 21)


Strong Points: Wonderful collection of links (scientific and ethical)
Weak Points: Nothing major


Not the type to be overly modest, the people behind the “network of excellence” known as the MUGEN research consortium have built a very nice website that does, in fact, warrant the “excellent” label.  The focus of MUGEN research teams is on murine models of human immunological disease, and to that end, the searchable database of approximately 150 murine models of immune processes and immunological diseases will appeal to like-minded scientists. Additionally, there is a wonderful page of links covering various aspects of murine research, from phenotyping, to tissue processing, to rodent nomenclature. An unexpected focus of the MUGEN website dealt with scientific ethics, and there is an incredibly thorough listing of online resources related to the subject. This links collection makes the MUGEN site worth a visit for any researcher, not just those who employ furry little subjects in their experiments.

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