November 15, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 20)


Strong Points: Much useful information
Weak Points: Spartan interface

It had to happen. Life scientists have had this fixation with omics ever since the term genomic came to be associated with sequence information. Proteomics rapidly followed and this, in turn, brought us biomes, transcriptomes, metabolomes, and even ‘ome’ on the range. OK, I made that one up. It’s not surprising, therefore, that phenotypic data might be collectively referred to as a phenome, and that is the territory covered by this site. With phenotypic (and also genotypic) information about laboratory mice, MPD offers extensive information on anatomy appearance, behavior, blood, cancer, genotypes, metabolism, reproduction, and more on these popular lab subjects. Information access is primarily by search engine, though many data tables can also be downloaded via FTP.

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