April 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 7)


Strong Points: Nice views of teeth
Weak Points: What does one do with nice views of teeth?

When you read the title of this site, did the subject of teeth immediately pop into your mind? It certainly didn’t enter my head. To be fair, though, the content at MorphoBrowser does relate to morphological differences in teeth, but a more imaginative title might bring in more visitors (Toothiness?). What the site contains is an amazing collection of views of teeth of different organisms. Better yet, the views are available in six different perspectives. The numerous species of animals (and humans) for which teeth info is available can be sorted by order, family, genus, or species. Curiously, only a couple of records relating to human teeth are available, but over 100 of other species can be seen. What exactly one does with the information in this site is not clear to me, nor is it explained in the site. If you’re looking for different kinds of teeth spanning the animal kingdom, you’ll probably get something out of this site. I saw it mostly as a curiosity.

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