June 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 12)


Strong Points: Good tutorial, many sample datasets
Weak Points: None


As a visualization tool for large genomic datasets, MORPHEUS is every researcher’s dream. A product of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, MORPHEUS allows researchers to quickly and easily visualize large data matrices as a heat map. On top of that, analysis tools allow users to perform hierarchical clustering, sort and filter the data, and further explore the dataset. Users can upload data to MORPHEUS in a variety of ways, including as an Excel file from one’s computer, a URL, a text file, or a file imported from Google Drive or Dropbox. To get started, though, users can familiarize themselves with MORPHEUS using one of the many pre-loaded genomics datasets. For a given dataset, users can choose to analyze gene expression, proteomics methylation, or other specific aspects of the data. Of note, all data processing occurs locally on one’s computer as opposed to on a server.

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