November 15, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 20)


Strong Points: Good coverage of topic
Weak Points: A few broken links

For anyone who scoffs at the minutia of microscopy, here is a site to show how small-minded you are! Come explore the enormity of all things small through the Microscopy Suite, supported by the Imaging Technology Group at the University of Illinois. Within its plush accommodations you’ll find specs and photos for various instruments you didn’t know existed (sputter coater, anyone?), as well as a brief introduction to light, electron, and scanning-probe microscopy. Forum postings offer general considerations and in-depth tutorials via PowerPoint presentations. If you wish to skip Imaging 101 and go right to the glitz and glam of microscopy, check out the web atlas of cellular structures. These beautiful images are conveniently arranged by category such as “nucleus and actin” and “stages of mitosis.” Like a kid in a confocal candyshop, one can’t help but become an imaging enthusiast

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