May 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 10)


Strong Points: Good amount of content, references cited
Weak Points: None


Science students at Kenyon College in Ohio are taking their microbiology knowledge to the web via Microbe Wiki. Microbe Wiki is a student-edited resource, though researchers, professors, and others from within and beyond the Kenyon College community are also invited to contribute to the site. (Interested parties can do so by requesting a free account.) The majority of the content on the site can be accessed from the microbial biorealm and viral biorealm pages. From these pages, site visitors can select individual genera (for the microbes) or families (for the viruses) about which they wish to read more. The microbial mythology page is also interesting, as it provides educators the opportunity to correct (with proper citations) misconceptions and oversimplifications that occur in textbooks. Additionally, for such a dynamic resource, the recent changes page is also useful to visit, especially if you frequent the site.

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