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February 15, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 4)

Mathematical Equations-EqWorld

  • Ambitious approach
  • Unrealized promise due to many broken links
Speaking of mathematics, the catchy EqWorld site, hosted in Russia, aims to provide an interface for all things mathematical. The stated aims of the site are to "help the widest possible audience of researchers, university teachers, engineers, and students to sail more easily through the ocean (of) mathematical equations (differential, integral, functional, etc.) and their solutions." The site is divided into topic areas that include Exact Solutions, Methods, Auxiliary Sections, Software, and Education. Clicking on some topics, such as First Order Differential Equations, brings up a list of such items with hyperlinks that lead to PDFs with more information. Clicking on other topic areas, such as Integral Equations, leads to hyperlinked areas full of broken links. That's too bad, because the site could be a great online textbook if all of its links were fixed. Hopefully this will happen soon.
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