October 1, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 17)


Strong Points: Great reading and choice of links
Weak Points: Nothing significant

Blogs seem to be everywhere, but I think the noise-to-signal ratio among them is even higher than that of the rest of the web itself. It is for that reason I’ve been fairly selective about including them here. An interesting or maybe unusual one that I couldn’t resist, however, is the Mass Spectrometry Blog. I’m not sure if my description here will do it justice, so I encourage anyone curious to check it out. The opening page seems to be sprinkled with articles and links to topics ranging from mass spec cartoons and photos, to humorous chemistry videos to Google trends in mass spectrometry, and much more. At first glance, many of the topics are loosely related to mass spec but that may be a plus at least for outsiders. I found the material very fun to peruse, and that is unusual for a blog. Besides the stories, there is an impressive collection of links to relevant journals and to the most impressive set of science blogs I’ve seen yet. Some of these are very interesting and one of them follows this review. All in all, a surprisingly useful site.

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