February 15, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 4)


Strong Points: Superb organization
Weak Points: None

Whither goest thou, protein? To yonder mitochondria? And what controls thy path dear friend? Sequence phantasmagoria? The march of proteins through the cell to their proper organellar destinations is essential for cellular life and is the subject of this informative Web site. Hosted by the Institute of Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, the database wins high marks for superb organization. On the right site of the opening page are listed 38 distinct cellular localization sites. Beside these are numbers for mouse and human proteins, respectively, known to exist in each location. Clicking on a number brings up the entire list of proteins for that organism. Access doesn’t get much simpler (or better) than this. As search engine also provide database-wide searching functions. An excellent idea, well implemented.

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