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June 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 12)

LAGAN Alignment Toolkit Website
  • Multiple alignment options, downloadable source code
  • Alignment results not returned in-browser (emailed)

The LAGAN Alignment Toolkit consists of three online alignment tools. Pairwise-LAGAN allows users to perform global alignments of two sequences; Multi-LAGAN performs global alignment of up to 31 sequences; and Shuffle-LAGAN is a “glocal” alignment tool (yes, referring to both global and local features) that can identify genomic rearrangements such as duplications and inversions within a global alignment framework. To use these tools, users can upload sequence files or can enter GENBANK identifiers. An email address is also required, as users are emailed a link to view their results on the VISTA server upon completion of the alignment. Results are kept on the server for seven days. Users can download the alignment results as a pdf, though the VISTA server also includes its own dynamic, JAVA-based alignment-visualization tool. Site users can access instructions for the browser from the results page.

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