Laboratory Robotics Interest Group


Strong Points: Broad perspective
Weak Points: Nothing significant

Robotics is a topic I occasionally cover here. I’d do more, but I’m disappointed at the lack of informative sites on the topic. The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group is a special interest group
of over 12,000 scientists and engineers with chapters all over the world—from San Diego and Texas to Germany and the rest of Europe. Like other professional society pages, this one has a lot of material that will not be of general interest. Some segments, however, are. They include the Presentations section, available in HTML and PDF, a discussion board for interactions, a career center, a sort of want-ads section called SwapShop, a set of hyperlinked listings of robotics-related companies, and much miscellany. A section labeled Different has photos and links to robotics applications that are, well, different. I found a lot to like at this site that goes a long distance beyond traditional professional society sites. Definitely worth a look-see.