October 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 18)


Strong Points: Huge amount of information, imaging data, and resources
Weak Points: Large span of projects and resources makes it somewhat difficult to navigate


The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging website, from the University of Southern California, provides a fascinating glimpse into the brain. The lab has several ongoing projects, including imaging the brain in disease states such as Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia, and also has several atlases detailing structures in the human, monkey, and mouse brains. In addition to the atlases, the website provides access to nearly 40 software programs designed to help users process and analyze their own images. The website also houses the Image & Data Archive, which allows users to upload and browse through a large amount of neuroscience imaging data. The website also offers online training for their software, detailed research protocols, and comprehensive research manuals and technical reports. The website for the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging is an incredible compilation of the latest in neuroimaging data and is a comprehensive resource for neuroscientists searching for images of the brain.

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