April 15, 2013 (Vol. 33, No. 8)


Strong Points: Nice organization–clear fiction and nonfiction sections
Weak Points: None


What was the last (fun) book you read? If it was described by the tagline: “A disgruntled biochemist is threatened by boredom, his boss, and a vial of phenol,” then you may have already stumbled upon LabLit.com, a website dedicated to—you guessed it—science in both fiction and nonfiction writing. The homepage nicely presents these two options (fact versus fiction) side by side such that visitors can peruse the latest scientifically themed essays, poems, and book reviews. My favorite feature of the site, however, is the “lab lit list.” This page features a list (with brief descriptions such as the tagline given at the beginning of this review) of novels, crossover novels, films, plays, and TV programs that feature scientists/science. So whether you’re looking for a novel about a particle physicist who falls in love with a black hole, or you are in search of a science-themed movie, LabLit.com is the website for you!

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