March 15, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 6)


Strong Points: Images and additional information included
Weak Points: Slightly difficult navigation


Japan is known for many things—for instance, its bustling cities and impressive technological advances. But a wide array of ant species? That’s one attribute that doesn’t often make headlines. While this information may not be found in any travel guides, there is an online guide to the wonderful ant diversity that Japan has to offer. The (aptly named) Japanese Ant Image Database features 273 species, with each species featured on its own page. The great thing about this image database is that each species page contains information beyond the photographs, including a distribution map, a physical description, and various miscellaneous remarks. The homepage for the database is a bit difficult to navigate, in that there is no prominent “enter database” or “search” field that is commonly found with databases of this type. Instead, users must navigate using the sidebar. There is a search feature, but it is really just a “browse by region” option.

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