January 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 1)


Strong Points: Programs
Weak Points: Needs more content

I guess the designers of this site decided that their opening page had to take the word “invent” to heart, so they created a novel interface to provide access to the content inside. As we all know, not every invention is a success, and the opening page is a poster child for it. When are designers going to learn that consistency combined with intuitiveness makes for a functional interface? OK, complaints aside, what are the offerings here? To start, Invent Now is
a nonprofit organization that aims to foster the “spirit and practice” of invention. It sponsors the Collegiate Inventors Competition, an Inventors Hall of Fame, Camp Invention (for kids), an invention workshop, and a museum. Other information on the site includes descriptions of patents/how to patent, and a handful of useful links. Though I really like the programs the group offers, I’m disappointed that there is not more material on their website.

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