March 1, 2005 (Vol. 25, No. 5)


Strong Points: Very topical, thorough
Weak Points: None

This column marks the eighth anniversary of On the Web (originally called Web Spinning), making it the longest running Web-based column I know of in the sciences. One of the hallmarks of On the Web (and a secret to its success, I’d like to think) is the very diverse nature of the sites covered. Whether this is attributed to my own scientific schizophrenia or a “broader view” of the discipline of biotechnology is a matter for debate. Helping to fuel that discussion may be the coverage here of the South-East Asian Marine Turtle site, which describes efforts of Indian Ocean and Southeast Asian nations “to conserve and replenish depleted marine turtle populations.” Just as we must preserve the rain forests to preserve global diversity and opportunity, so too must we make every reasonable effort to preserve endangered species around the world.

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