June 1, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 11)


Strong Points: Very informative
Weak Points: Nothing significant

Perhaps I’m stereotyping a bit here, but when I think of spices, India is the place that comes to mind. What better place, therefore, than India for an Institute of Spices Research? Organized amazingly simply, the site provides mostly educational material about dozens of spices, including many that Americans may not be familiar with. These are organized in a pop-up menu on the opening page. Selecting a name brings up descriptions of the botany of the spice, its aroma/flavor, and culinary/medicinal/other uses. Also at the site, one can learn how to obtain planting materials. A small set of selected links rounds out the site. In summary, the site is very informative and well-organized, with one exception—there is no button to click to get back to the pop-up menu after one leaves the page.

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