June 15, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 12)


Strong Points: Interactive photo/observation posting, great images
Weak Points: Educational information simply from Wikipedia


Through its page headers, iNaturalist.org conveys much excitement, urging visitors to “Explore! Your world!” “Learn! About life!” “Record! Add observations!” And indeed, if you are a nature enthusiast, there is much to be excited about on this interactive site. Under the “record” page, users can choose to create an account, which allows them to upload photos or record other observations from their own travels. The “explore” page allows one to peruse the observations of others, either by selecting locations from a map or by searching for keywords. The “learn” page is something to behold, as its homepage is filled with vibrant photos of plants, animals, fungi—you name it! The information pages are a bit disappointing as they are simply ripped from Wikipedia, but still, this site is a great way to explore the organisms of the world through the observations and experiences of fellow naturalists.

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