In the Pipeline


Strong Points: Great writing, perspectives
Weak Points: None

In the Pipeline is a blog from Derek Lowe, described as a Ph.D. organic chemist who is an Arkansonian by birth. I’m not sure how that all fits together, though. At his site, visitors get Derek’s views of the world of medicinal/organic chemistry, and these are quite fun reading. You don’t have to be a chemistry nerd to appreciate what Derek has to say, though it certainly doesn’t hurt. I found his writing to be both insightful and informative. Whether he is talking about the nastiness of cyanogen or the news of the latest Pfizer layoffs, Derek has a voice worth listening to. You can give him feedback at the site and if you tire of his opinions, the site’s links to related blogs will surely yield something of interest. His own site has archives going back to (gulp) 2002. An excellent site that shows what just one guy can do. In the Pipeline is a must-see.